As many can relate, I struggle deeply with detaching myself from not caring what people think of me. Through boudoir, I not only get to help others overcome this, but myself.

What I struggle with

I have two cats, one sweet studio dog, two kids (one mine and one bonus), all alongside an angel of a partner who recently asked me to marry him in August!!!

my family

I can't help myself from brainstorming and starting all kinds of new projects (yes, some don't get finished lol)

what i do in my spare time

Irrational, messy, creative, devoted, and EMPATHETIC.

my personality

Retro Room

Boho Room

Moody Room

We've got your vibe covered at the studio with three main rooms (and themed minis throughout the year)! Click the arrows on the poloroid to see the next room!

The Studio

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and to Rebel Against Society?

Ready to love your body...

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The Studio




For women who are ready LOVE THEIR BODY, not the body society tells us to love.

An all-inclusive boudoir experience

Supporting ALL women, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexuality, and identity.

LOCATED in Charlottesville, VA