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I GIVE A SHIT about humans. I provide a SAFE place for women of color, for  women for all sizes, for women pridefully representing the LGBTQ community. I provide a safe place for ALL women.

A studio founded in feminism.

Minimum Product Investment $1,500

The digital images & physical products can be purchased within a collection or a la carte. Examples of physical products include heirloom albums, folio boxes, traditional prints, and metal prints. 

Product collections are sold separately from the session fee. PayPal Credit is available. In-home payment plans available.

Product Investment:

It's $500 to lock in your boudoir shoot - this includes the following:

  • professional hair + makeup by one of our amazing artists
  • access to over 300 pieces of lingerie in our client closet
  • prep guides to walk you through how to prepare and what to expect for your boudoir shoot
  •  your viewing/ordering appointment

**session fee is due to lock in your date in our books - session fees can be paid in full or split into two payments of $250**

 session FEE includes

The investment

I get it, exposing your body to a stranger with a camera is scary. It's okay to be nervous, but I am here to help you prep for your session and will help guide you during the session. From rewording harmful thoughts, to posing, you're in good hands.

What if I'm nervous, or don't know how to pose?

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and to Rebel Against Society?

Ready to love your body...

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The Studio




For women who are ready LOVE THEIR BODY, not the body society tells us to love.

An all-inclusive boudoir experience

Supporting ALL women, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexuality, and identity.

LOCATED in Charlottesville, VA